5-11 JULY 2020

Dear handball players, campers!

As you already may be informed from our @gorbiczivancsikcamp IG profile, we sadly inform you here too, that due to the worldwide covid-19 pandemic situation, we are not opening the registration for the 3rd Görbicz& Iváncsik Handball Camp. We have to wait and see how the situation is developing. If it will be absolutley safe to hold the Handball camp, we will inform you and come up with the deatils. We know that 2020.July is still far away, but we are determined that this is the only responsible decision. The safety and health of the children is the most important without any doubt. Thank you for your understanding! Please follow the G&I Handball camp’s official instagram account: @gorbiczivancsikcamp and our Fb and IG accounts for the latest information!

Best regards and take care!

Anita Görbicz 
handball player
Tamás Iváncsik 
handball player


Online application!

The III. Görbicz-Iváncsik International Handball Camp registration is starting soon!

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Online application

About the camp!

Duration of the Handball Camp: 5-10. July 2020. Girls and boys are both welcome if you were born between 2003-2011.




Iváncsik Tamás
Görbicz Anita

...more names are coming soon!