7-13 JULY 2019

Dear handball players, campers!

The 2nd Görbicz & Iváncsik International Handball Camp is going to be held in Győr from 7th July 2019 - until 13rd July 2019. Girsl and boys are both welcome who were born between 2002-2010. Our camp is unique in Europe, since two former Hungarian national team members are organising a high quality summer handball camp, basicaly in the spirit of the scandinavian handball philosophy. We are working on this project for months in order to create a camp, where beyond the innovative handball-training methods  we can offer you several other exciting outdoor programs and high quality conditions. The accommodation and the meal both, will be placed in the same property, in the new multifunctional building of the Széchenyi István University in Győr. This building was first opened last year, at the highly successful organised European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF). We are putting great emphasis on the health and safety of the children, therefore 0-24 reception, card access system and medical service will be also available during the Handball Camp. Beyond the handball trainings we are determined to pay attention to the attitude of the children in addition to trainings and games. Children can play free and confidently if they are not afraid of making mistakes. We are keen to teach them how to get rid of the stress and fear during the games and be able to concentrate on the next action. Our goal is to offer you a great chance in the summer of 2018. In a beautiful environment great Hungarian champions, keen Hungarian trainers deal with the kids, while they can meet with other children who are addicted to handball just as much as they are. Check out our webpage, and meet our trainers, nevertheless other well-known handball trainers and international handball players are going to visit us in the Camp aswell. Our international camp is an outstanding opportunity for the children to build borderless friendship, connections and have recreation.  You are welcome with love!

See you soon in the Camp, on the 7th July 2019. In Győr.

Anita Görbicz 
handball player
Tamás Iváncsik 
handball player


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The II. Görbicz-Iváncsik International Handball Camp registration is closed. Thank you for your application!

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About the camp!

Duration of the Handball Camp: 7-13. July 2019. Girls and boys are both welcome if you were born between 2002-2010.




Iváncsik Tamás
Görbicz Anita
Tóth Tímea
Sebestyén Máté
Danyi Gábor
Hornyák Ágnes
Hársfalvi Júlia
Holanek Zoltán
Ruskó Katalin
Pásztor Zsófia
Katalin Pálinger
Vadász Gergő